In 1993, the Antlers Hotel property was purchased by Barbara and Dennis Thomas. The hotel underwent two and a half years of renovation and reopened September 1, 1996. The train cars and present depot were brought to the property and refurbished for guest comfort.

2002 brings the historical value of the Antlers Hotel to the books with listings as a Texas Historic Landmark and the National Register of Historic Places. Showcased in the lobby of the hotel are the plaques and announcements.

The hotel is an excellent example of construction and building types in the period following the Victorian Era. The hotel is oriented to capture the breeze and has 12-foot ceilings throughout. Only one room wide, it shows an extensive system of doors, windows, and transom windows to move the air around the hotel. Much of the old window glass stills retains its wavy nature and imperfections. The refinished pine floors stand out against the antique furnishings. You will find memorabilia showcasing the history of the hotel and property throughout the premises.
The Antlers Hotel catered to guests by offering luxury and recreation on the waterfront.

Under new ownership in 2015, Rick Gregory, and Drew Gerencer are proud to continue the tradition of luxury and recreation today.

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